The Lifter Solver
Based on the wire-foil standard lifter element - Courtesy of Saviour
created by Blaze Labs October 13th, 2002 - updated October 14th, 2002
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Default values given for the lifter shown above

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Surrounding medium specifications

Relative permittivity of medium (1.0 for air or vacuum) :
Altitude above sea level of your test location (0 metres for sea level) :
Ambient temperature of your test location in degrees Celcius :

Lifter specifications

Select lifter top wire polarity connection :
Select lifter top wire finish :
Length of the foil or wire ( mm ) per element (one edge length):
Height of the foil ( mm ) :
Air gap distance between wire and foil ( mm ):
Wire diameter ( mm ) :
Number of elements forming the cell shape (3 for triangular)
Number of vertical stacks (1 for simple lifter) :
Lifter weight excluding payload in grammes :

Power supply specification

Voltage across wire and foil ( V ) :


Physical surface area of wire :
Physical surface area of foil :
Effective ion mobility at RTP:
Force from wire to foil :
Force from plate to wire :

Total upward Biefeld Brown thrust :

Total external payload in grammes :
Counterbary, total thrust to weight ratio :
Lifter Performance :
Upwards acceleration of Lifter :
Maximum terminal velocity of lifter in air, neglecting drag :
Current consumption :
Power consumption :
Maximum radiation frequency from lifter in vacuum :
1E16Hz is the lower soft X-ray band, 1E20Hz is Gamma band
Frequency of operation of this lifter is from pure dc (0Hz) to :
Approximate capacitance of lifter :
Impedance of lifter :
Breakdown voltage of air at your test location assuming dry air is :
Average Breakdown voltage of air around lifter in dry air is :
Your lifter is operating at a minimum voltage gradient of:
If this exceeds the Average breakdown level, increase air gap.

Written by: Saviour @ Blaze Labs (c)2002
Credit to: Jean Louis Naudin, Mike Ady, Steve Burns and Evgenij Barsoukov.

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